Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terrible Tuesday

I'm not doing my normal Tuesday post today. I suppose I could post ten of the zillion things I need to get done today, or I could post the two things I will actually (probably) get done today. *sigh* When it comes to getting things accomplished, I think the goals I set are too high. Maybe I should make my goal to do nothing but drink coffee and keep Anna out of trouble so I can be pleasantly surprised when I do something else. At least I would enjoy drinking coffee.

If I was going to post two things about my day thus far, number one would be poop and number two would be puke. (Gotta love the alliteration.) But I'll spare you the gory details of who in our house belongs to which, uhh, waste product. I will say that at this point, I'm surprised we haven't fueled a boost in the stock market for carpet cleaner and paper towels. And why is it always on the carpet? Why not on the tile where it's easier to clean up? Why?!?

Now I'm returning to my massive list of tasks that I must accomplish today. And probably won't.

Maybe I'll make some coffee instead.

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