Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ryder Cup

OK, I know. And I'm sorry.

Hello, my name is Christie and I'm a politician. (Ya know, making promises I don't keep...)

At any rate, this is my first attempt at catching up: Ryder Cup photos.

The overview from the hospitality deck.
Did I mention that we had AWESOME tickets that got us into one of the hospitality tents with free food and drinks and gifts?

Anthony Kim talking to his mommy. (That last part is pure conjecture on Brandon's part. He has to help me with the golfers names, cause to me, they're all just "guy in hat with golf club.")

A tee box panorama:

Miguel Angel Jiménez with his coach. We watched him work on his swing. Brandon says he was pulling from the top. Whatever that means.

Check out his leg. Doesn't it look funny? Brandon says it's a normal finish, but it looks painful to me.

Here he is chillin' with a text and cigar.
(Coach and caddy on the right.)

Don't believe me? Check out the close-ups...

Here's Henrik Stenson. He has a girl caddy who used to be Faldo's caddy. I wonder if there's a story there?

The course was absolutely beautiful and extremely hilly. As in, huge, steep hills.

Our fam:

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