Monday, December 29, 2008

An Inspired Break

You've probably noticed that I've been slackin' on the blog lately. If you lived here with us (or anywhere near) you'd know that I've been slackin' on other things, too. (Umm, laundry, dishes, cleaning, sleep...)

A lot of it is the job. 20-30 hours a week is a lot more time away from home than one or two nights a week. I'm tired. Somewhat stressed. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the to-do list--all things that can wait (and do) but still, it would be nice to get something done that wasn't absolutely urgent.

So I'm taking a break from the blog. An on-purpose break. A break from feeling guilty because I haven't updated recently, or posted new photos, or even edited photos from three months ago. A break from feeling like I have to do all those things. A break from trying to do it all. A break from failing to keep up.

I'm not getting rid of the blog; I'm just taking some time off. I don't know how long--I just want to enjoy posting again rather than seeing it as one more thing I haven't done yet. When I do start posting again, I'll be sure to send an email and let you know. That is, if I have your email. (You can always comment or drop me an email--see the side bar.)

I wish you a New Year filled with peace, joy, and all the things that truly matter.


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