Friday, June 05, 2009

Fall Photos, Part 2

In the fall, we like to visit as many fall farm festivals as possible. It's just one of the things that I've come to love about Indiana. By the time they start harvesting pumpkins, the air is cooler (sometimes with a little bite) and the sky is usually a brilliant, clear blue.

These photos are from a Pumpkin Festival on the northwest side of town. We have been the past two years and, let me tell you, I have never tasted an apple-cinnamon donut as good as the ones they fry up here. They are seriously fantastic. Oh, and the fresh (cold) apple cider. Like drinking an apple.

This festival always has a dried corn pit for the kids to play in. It's a cool texture compared to your standard sand box.

Brandon didn't get to go with us this time, but we always like to take notice of interesting animals and compare them to people we know. I took these photos so he could tell me who he thought this duck looked like. (I'm not telling what he said!)

Of course, Anna loved the animals. She kept walking the fence with the pony and I remember her saying something like, "Hi pony! My name is Anna. Nice to meet you." She was introducing herself to all the animals.

This goat got a hug. (Poor thing.) She even went in for a kiss, at which point I started yelling from behind the camera. (YUCK!)

See my shadow?

By this point, my little miss was pretty exhausted, and I guess the hayride was the perfect place to chill.

Mama chicken...

...and her baby chicks peeking out.

One last photo on the way out! (Anna had a happy face painted on her cheek, in case you're thinking she looks a little funny.)

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