Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fall Photos

I still haven't uploaded photos from our recent trip to Florida, so for now, I'll continue posting photos from last year that I never got around to editing, let alone posting. I still haven't edited--not even a crop--and I don't intend to. It just takes so much time and time is a valuable commodity I don't have quite enough of.

These are from one of our two visits to Apple Works last fall. We sure will miss our fall visits for the Highlander Festival and all the amazing fresh apples. We are spoiled now; grocery store apples have no flavor compared to apples fresh from the orchard.

The next photo is of Anna and Brandon before they go down the huge barn slide. She's not terrified--she's excited. I promise!

Anna loves to ride the ponies. What you can't see is Janet's death grip on her ankle (lest she slide off). Anna is so small and the pony was so wide that she was practically doing a split to sit on his back.

More fall photos coming soon!

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