Monday, July 21, 2008

I love being a parent.

I realize that there may come a day when my sweet little girl turns into a teenager and hates my guts. I also realize that this photo will probably not help things. But this is most definitely my girl right now, as I see her every day, thumb and all. And while I'm sure her days of teenage angst will be fraught with heartache (both mine and hers), and our days now are filled with giggles and cuddles, there is and will always be love.

I promise to show this photo at her wedding. She should be way past the guts-hating by that point.


Gena said...

Boy she sure does look like her mama at that age. She even sucks her thumb just like you did.

Anonymous said...

What depth of perception my daughter exhibits... by these comments.

I know Anna's got two parents and four grandparents that think she's the sweetest in the kingdom.