Saturday, September 06, 2008

Down at the Fair

A few days after our night time fair excursion, Anna and I took another trip to the fair, just the two of us. The Indiana State Fair is so huge that you really can't do it all in a day. Well, maybe if you spent the entire day there, but that doesn't really fly in two-year-old land. Or mommy-of-a-two-year-old land.

So we went back so Anna could enjoy the kiddie parts of the fair. Every year they have a whole area just for kids, including "Little Hands on the Farm" where kiddos can go through the process of planting seeds, harvesting, milk a cow, collect eggs, see lambs wool...all fake, of course, but it's neat for them to see the process. We did this last year, too, but that was more for my enjoyment. This year, Anna just loved it. I practically had to carry her away from milking the cow.

Anna feeding the cow:

Have I mentioned that she is going through a phase where she doesn't want to look at the camera?

Yes! Finally one where she is looking!

This, by the way, is how my girls makes her Daddy proud--by looking like a farm girl. My husband was NOT raised on a farm. Did NOT have a truck growing up (until recently, which, I suppose, could still be considered some growing up years). Was NOT raised by hillbillies (far from it!) Has NOT (to the best of my knowledge) eaten squirrel. And yet, he considers himself a redneck... because he's from Alabama. Most days, he wears slacks and a golf shirt. His neck, however, is red, because he's been in the sun all summer. I keep trying to encourage sunscreen. (Don't bother to comment, Dad--he won't read it and there's nothing you can tell him that I haven't already said.) Anyway, here's the photo:

Anna got to have her first pony ride, which she was so excited about. It was a toss up--I wasn't sure if she'd be scared or thrilled, and turns out, she was just tickled with the idea. I wanted to get a photo, and since it was just the two of us, I was praying she'd sit still and not fall off. I forgot that her riding this pony was akin to me riding a Clydesdale. The horse's name was Teddy, which made Anna laugh.

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